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  • Collection: Native American Religions, Fall 2017

Young girl receiving first Holy Communion at St. Rose of Hima Keller. This community is one of multi-ethnicities.

Large group of young Native American First Communicants, dressed in American attire.

Four young girls in communion dresses standing in front of St. Rose of Lima Church in Keller, WA. Seven men sit on the church step observing the communicants.

Bishop (unidentified) at Barnabee St. Joachim (site now under water) during confirmation.

Two Native American girls and a male Bishop standing in front of building. All individuals are dressed in Western clothing, the girls wearing white dresses. Girls hair is cut short. Location is Nespelem, WA.

Native woman dressed in white dress holds a prayer book with necklaces of the cross. She is a first communicant and is pictured in front of slouching native men. The photo was taken at the Church of St. Lima in Keller, WA.

This photograph shows the honorary position of Church Chief who is privileged to carry the big flag of Sacred Heart during the Good Friday night procession.

Inside of a chapel at Sacred Heart Mission in Nespelem, WA. Chapel pews and altars with statues of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary are visible.

An image of the altar to the Virgin Mary in the Sacred Heart Mission, in Nespelem WA. Writing in Photograph, Nespelem- side altar of B.VM.

Large group of people walking into the Sacred Heart Mission. Possibly for Mass or to conclude the procession.
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