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  • Collection: Native American Religions, Fall 2017

Evangelizing tool for missionaries explaining across language barriers. Slide depicts angels telling Mary she'll give birth to Jesus

End of a Corpus Christi procession in San Poil Valley in Keller, Washington with a view of the cemetery

Large group of people walking into the Sacred Heart Mission. Possibly for Mass or to conclude the procession.

List of names of people in a picture.

A photograph of young Native girls in Sunday dress with a nun. Photograph was taken in Tacoma, WA by L. Bingham Waters.

Seven preliminary questions to be asked while taking confession in the Kalispel language with English translations.

Questions to be asked when taking confession in the Kalispel Language, translated to English

Sister Rose Francis Seymour, o.p., former pupil of St. Mary's Mission in Omak Washington. To her left is Father Joseph Brown SJ and Father Paul Corkery.
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